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Lung Plug for Prevention of Pneumothorax After Biopsy

F. Hao, J. Moseley, J. Weintraub, D. Mobley, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC

Comparison analysis pre and post implementation of a BioSentry tract sealant system after percutaneous transthoracic CT guided needle biopsy

R.A. Grage, S. Keogh, M.A. Naveed Radiology, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Efficacy of a self-expanding tract sealant device in the reduction of pneumothorax and chest tube placement rates after percutaneous lung biopsy: a matched controlled study using propensity score analysis

J. Ahrar, J. Ensor Jr., A. Mahvash, S. Sabir, J.R. Steele Jr., S.E. McRae, R. Avritscher, S.Y. Huang,
B.C. Odisio, R. Murthy, K. Ahrar, M.J. Wallace, S. Gupta


The BioSentry™ Tract Sealant System is the first of its kind that significantly reduces the risk of biospy-related pneumothorax (PTX) and gets your patients back to wherever their days takes them.

52% relative risk reduction in PTX
61-80% relative risk reduction in chest tubes
35% decrease in hospital admissions
NO clinically significant complications associated with use