The BioSentry™ tract sealant system is the first biopsy sealant system of its kind designed specifically to address the issues of biopsy-related pneumothorax.

The BioSentry™ tract sealant system deploys a self-expanding hydrogel plug into the pleural space following a percutaneous lung biopsy - creating an airtight seal that closes the pleural puncture.

BioSentry™ tract sealant system prevents pneumothorax in both fine needle aspiration and core percutaneous lung biopsies.

BioSentry™ tract sealant system contains one Delivery Device, Co-axial Adapter, and Hydrogel Plug.

BioSentry™ tract sealant system integrates seamlessly with any Surgical Specialties Corporation 19G co-axial introducer needle - and can be used in conjunction with any 20G or 22G biopsy device.


Do not use this device if the skin to pleura distance of the biopsy path is less than 1cm or exceeds 7cm.